Mass Production System

Full support with short delivery times, low prices and high quality,
and a global supply structure also from the viewpoint of BCP.


Trustworthy mass manufacturing
whether in Japan and overseas

We have four key factories in Japan, while Kyoden Thailand is the flagship of our global supply chain,
and we also have a cooperative factory in China.
Inheriting the KYODEN DNA of being the fastest in the world, this structure provides full support from prototype manufacture to
mass production.
We can also handle the small-lot multi-type manufacture of industrial devices, including semiconductor manufacturing systems,
medical devices and communication modules.

  • Reassurance from the
    BCP viewpoint as well

    A sense of security arising
    from alternative locations.
    The ability to recover even in
    the midst of unprecedented disasters.

  • Overwhelming cost
    proposal capacity

    Possessing various work sizes,
    we respond to customers’ needs with
    overwhelming proposal capacity.

  • Same line
    stable quality

    We guarantee consistent quality
    by conducting all work from
    prototype manufacture to mass
    production in the same factory
    and on the same line.

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With our manufacturing centers forming a mutually
complementary structure, we provide a stable supply chain.

KYODEN’s strength can also be found in the large number of fields we handle and our numerous manufacturing centers.
All centers have earned the praise of customers thanks to our cutting-edge equipment and maintenance of strict management
systems. Based on mutual cooperation between these centers, we realize mutually complementary functions capable
of responding to any abnormal situation.


KYODEN Group’s Manufacturing Centers

  • Tohoku Factory

    Production capacity
    Main products
    Amusement machines /
    Automotive devices /
    AV-related devices /
    Battery devices
  • Nagano Factory

    Production capacity
    Main products
    Measurement devices /
    AV-related devices /
    Telecommunications devices /
    Electronic devices
  • Osaka Factory

    Production capacity
    Main products
    Optical devices /
    High-frequency devices /
  • Shizuoka Factory

    Main products
    POS terminals /
    Office equipment /
    Professional laundry machines /
    Lighting-related devices /
    Infrastructure-related equipment
  • Wakayama Factory

    Main products
    POS terminals /
    Office equipment /
    Professional laundry machines /
    Lighting-related devices /
    Infrastructure-related equipment
  • Thailand Factory

    Production capacity
    Main products
    Automotive devices /
    OA-related and office equipment /
    Home electronics
    and AV-related devices
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You can Trust KYODEN – The PCB Experts

We can respond to all kinds of PCB needs and offer direct support from any stage.