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Having experience of mounting all kinds of products ranging from large boards to high-density mounting, we can also handle
high-difficulty mounting with the latest equipment and cutting-edge technologies.
Moreover, we respond to the needs of customers with integrated services ranging from remodeling, reboring, reworking and
electrical inspection to assembly.
KYODEN Group internally conducts metal mask manufacturing and can also respond to orders for mounting and assembly in short
delivery times.

  • Services from Prototype to Mass Production Mounting

    KYODEN Precision has sole responsibility for mounting in the KYODEN Group.
    It is fully equipped with seven SMT lines which makes it one of the largest in Japan.
    Our minimum mountable chip size is 0201. This mounting factory supports cutting-edge products of the age.

    • High-density Mounting

      As electronic products become thinner and more compact, high-density mounting technology and
      equipment capacity are important elements.
      Having installed the latest equipment and inline print inspection machines capable of producing
      multi-pin BGAs (FPGA, etc.), 0201 capacitors and other high-density mounted products, KYODEN
      Group supplies high quality products in short delivery times.

    • Diverse Component Mounting

      We mount various components according to the features of products.
      KYODEN can work with a diverse range of components.

      BGA/CSP Large capacitor QFP
      LGA Axial/Radial components Press fit
      QFN Ultra-small components
      Special connectors
    • Reflow Mounting

      Many products in recent years feature the mixed mounting of FPGA components, small CR,
      connector components and so on.
      When simultaneously mounting large and small components, because the amount of solder varies
      according to the pad size, the method of conveying the temperature is very important.
      Thanks to our extensive record of prototype mounting, KYODEN has numerous reflow mounting profile conditions.
      We achieve high-quality mounting by preventing the occurrence of failed connections, etc. caused by
      non-melting of solder.

      In-house Metal Mask Manufacture

      Responding to needs for mounting in fast delivery time, we introduced metal mask processing machines 10 years ago. Utilizing our accumulated
      store of data, we realize the ideal solder quantity from the prototype stage.
      Since there are also cases where quality does not stabilize even when products are manufactured according to the data sheet, depending on the
      component, it is important to correct openings.

    • Quality Control

      We have introduced inspection machines to ensure the quality of mounting.
      ・Print inspection machine: This conducts three-dimensional measurement of the quantity of cream
      solder printing and numerically controls area, volume, bleeding, blurring, etc.
      ・Image inspection machine: This conducts 2D and 3D inspection of the solder condition, mounting
      direction, and whether or not mounting has been performed.
      ・X-ray inspection machine: This covers BGA, LGA and other elements that cannot be confirmed
      from the outside.

      100% LOT Control

      KYODEN Group has secured a system for ensuring traceability of all mounted products. To minimize ripple effects arising from nonconformities,
      we maintain a database of mounting information that lets us know on which lines mounting is implemented.
      QR code printing is also possible. In this way, we have established a reputation for stable production and stable quality.

    • Automatic Coating

      In recent years, due to the increase in IoT devices and so on, we are increasingly receiving orders for post-mounting coating.
      We conventionally implemented brushing or spray coating upon masking the areas where the coating with moisture-proofing material was prohibited,
      however, we have now introduced moisture-proof coating machines.
      This has removed the need for excessive masking and allows us to supply PCBs with stable finish.
      ※Limitations exist depending on size and specifications

    • Rework and Remodeling

      With recent small components, BGA components and the like, it is very difficult for customers to independently conduct reworking and remodeling.
      KYODEN offers remodeling services by national qualification holders and can conduct removal and remounting using rework devices.
      In addition to the products we make, we can also remodel products that have been manufactured by other companies.
      With procurement of components becoming increasingly difficult, be sure to utilize KYODEN’s solutions.

    • Hand Soldering and Hand Mounting

      KYODEN can also respond to orders for hand soldering and hand mounting.
      Please contact us for cases of small-volume products and cases in which it is difficult to use automatic machines.
      Our craftsmen can respond to needs for hand soldering down to a minimum size of 0402.

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  • Production equipment

    SMT Line Composition


    Automatic Insertion Machines, Soldering Machines, AOI, etc.

    uction of latest equipment: Additional SMT lines

    Additional conformal machines (automatic coating machines).
    We have installed additional mounters capable of also mounting 0402 chips.
    Moreover, in recent years, due to the increase in IoT devices and so on, we are increasingly receiving orders for coating of PCBs after mounting.
    Conventionally, we coated silicon after masking over the parts that we didn’t want to coat, however, we have now introduced automatic coating machines.
    is allows us to perform coating only over the required parts without the need for masking.
    ※Limitations exist depending on size and specifications

  • Assembly and EMS

    We can respond to all activities from procurement of components to board manufacture,
    component mounting and assembly.
    The customer only needs to issue an order form, and KYODEN will take care of the rest.
    We can also manufacture original cardboard containers tailored to product sizes and in
    consideration of shock resistance.

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