Privacy Policy

Concerning Handling of Personal Information

KYODEN (hereafter, “the company”) is committed to striving for trust by handling the personal information it acquires in the course of its operations based on the following policy.

  • 1.Gathering, use and provision of personal information

    When gathering personal information, the company will do so over an appropriate scope upon clearly indicating the reason for gathering to the persons concerned in advance.

  • 2.Purpose of use

    The company will only use the personal information that it directly and indirectly gathers for the following purposes:
    ・Provision of services (sending of product information and catalogs, responding to inquiries, and other communications)
    ・Provision of information about exhibits in trade shows and industry events, etc.
    ・Recruitment activities and employment administration activities for recruited persons
    ・Communications and other administrative operations to shareholders
    ・Individual distribution of website and emails
    ・Request for cooperation in questionnaires and other surveys

  • 3.Compliance with laws and regulations

    In addition to complying with laws related to protection of personal information, the company will conduct the appropriate management and operation of personal information by adapting its internal regulations and structures to these laws.

  • 4.Provision to third parties

    Except for the following cases, the company will not provide personal information to third parties:
    ・When consent has been obtained in advance from the person concerned
    ・Cases that are based on legislation

  • 5.Joint use of personal information

    The company may jointly use the obtained personal information as follows:
    ・Scope of jointly using parties
    The company’s group companies
    ・Items of personal data jointly used
    Name, email address, company name (organization name), department, position
    ・Purpose of use by the using parties when acquiring
    Provision of product information and/or services
    ・Person responsible for management of personal information
    Kyoden Co., Ltd.
    ・Appropriate management of personal information
    The company will strive to protect personal information by taking appropriate and comprehensive safety measures regarding risks of unlawful access, loss, destruction, falsification, etc.

  • 6.Revision

    This “Concerning Handling of Personal Information” may be revised according to necessity.

  • 7.Ongoing improvement of the personal information protection structure

    The company will strive to continuously review and improve its personal information protection structure.

  • 8.Concerning use of cookies

    The company uses cookies on its website to gather the behavior histories of persons who access the site. Individual cookies do not contain personal information, however, they may be linked to personal information that is held by the company. Such information is used in advertising, promotional and/or marketing activities and for such purposes as saving users from the trouble of inputting an ID, password, etc. every time.
    The user can refuse to accept cookies, however, in this case, you may not be able to use the services provided on the website.

  • 9.If you have any inquiries concerning personal information, please contact the following window.

    Kyoden Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department
    TEL 0265-79-0012 FAX 0265-79-0081