We leverage our unique domestic and overseas network to
propose optimum procurement solutions

To respond to the diverse needs of our customers ranging from small-lot multi-type manufacture and fast delivery to large-lot
mass production, we conduct optimum procurement using our unique domestic and overseas network.
Moreover, we strive to maintain and develop better partnerships with all of our partners in the supply chain.

  • Basic Guidelines concerning Procurement in KYODEN Group

    • Construction of a well-ventilated
      supply chain through information sharing

    • Further improvement of quality, stable supply
      apacity, internationally competitive prices,
      new technological development,
      environmental consideration and so on

    • Enhancement of mutually beneficial
      relationships such as fusion of technical
      capacity, etc.

    • Compliance with laws and maintenance of
      confidential information

    • Consideration for corporate social
      responsibility and social contributions

    • Non-procurement of minerals associated
      with conflict and non-humanitarian behavior

    • Realization of “Win to Win” based on
      mutual sharing of results

  • PCB materials purchase
    (primary materials/secondary materials)

    Procurement is possible whether it be
    from prototype tomass production or
    whether it be in Japan or overseas

    • Procurement is possible whether it be from prototype to mass production or
      whether it be in Japan or overseas
    • We can procure primary materials, secondary materials and consumables
      regardless of domestic or overseas products,
      provided that such items are standard products.
    • We can procure primary materials from a single sheet whether they be from
      Japan or overseas.
    • Even concerning items that have never been handled in KYODEN Group
      (items with no performance), we can consider procurement as new items.
    • Effective utilization of materials inside KYODEN Group.
    • Proposal of low-price alternative products
      (primary materials and consumables).
  • Purchase of Electronic Components

    We can procure according to requests ranging from
    materials for prototypes to items for mass production.

    • We procure the optimum parts from a network of approximately
      300 companies in Japan and overseas.
    • We procure according to the needs of our customers ranging from small-lot
      multi-type manufacture and fast delivery to large-lot mass production.
    • Inventory control of mass production parts (parts storage based on
      perature and humidity control according to necessity is possible).
    • Deployment of information about the end of production of agent purchased
      parts for mass production, and specification change (EOL compatible)
    • Alternative proposal of CR and generic passive components.

    Components Provided Free of Charge for Prototype Use

    Chip resistance
    Chip capacitor
    Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Network resistance
    Test pins

    SMD tower


    X-ray reel counter



  • Purchase of Resin Materials

    We can procure materials according to
    the customer’s demand.

    • We have so far purchased more than 300 types of resins including ABS-PC
      used for general molding and COP-PMMA used for molding of optical components.
    • We can handle a diverse range of resins according to customers’ product uses,
      for example, fire-resistant grade, waterproof grade, antistatic grade, etc.
    • We can also obtain new color-toned plastic resin materials according to
      the colors of customers’ products.
  • Purchase of Metal Materials

    We can procure according to requests ranging from
    prototype to mass production items

    • Whether it be iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and so on, we can
      procure the optimum materials for customers’ products.
    • We can handle board materials and coil materials from single units and
      small-lot materials for prototype use.
    • We can also procure from major corporations in the iron and steel industry.
    • When conducting mass production, we also propose material price reviews in
      line with lot changes.
    • We can also propose alternative materials and material quality in respect to
      specified materials for products.
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To Supply Chain Partners

A structure of mutual cooperation between companies is essential in the supply chain.
We are committed to striving for the maintenance and development of better partnerships with you all.
We humbly request your understanding and cooperation when procuring materials and parts and consigning manufacture.

Green Procurement ‒ Request for Cooperation

When procuring the materials that constitute products and the chemicals that are used in manufacturing processes, we grasp the constituents and
compositions with a view to promoting “green procurement” and thereby realizing manufacturing with small environmental load. Moreover, we effectively
utilize such information in striving to “convey accurate information to customers” and “conform to environmental regulations such as RoHS and REACH”.
ask for your cooperation in our green procurement activities, including environmental surveys and system strengthening.

グリーン調達  ご協力のお願い
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Fair Trade

To provide better products and services as a good business partner,
relationships of mutual cooperation with our procurement partners are indispensable.
Based on the spirit of Fair Trade, we conduct transactions under appropriate conditions for
materials and products manufactured by developing countries and exercise management
over conflict minerals, etc.

  • Initiatives
    conflict minerals

    We need to make sure that conflict minerals are not used in the components and products we supply.
    By requesting suppliers to procure from refineries that have no involvement with conflicts, etc.
    and conducting CMRT form surveys, we strive to ensure that we do not procure or supply conflict minerals.

  • Conflict minerals

    In the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries in Central Africa, there are concerns over
    the possibility of abetting human rights violations and conflicts by armed militias, and conflict minerals refer to
    minerals (tantalum, tin, gold, tungsten) and their derivatives that are deemed to provide funds for military activities.

  • RBA/GeSI

    Acronym for Responsible Business Alliance/Global e-Sustainability Initiative. Organization for promoting
    standardization of codes of conduct etc.(in line with construction of global supply chains) targeting the
    electronics industry / Organization established to promote social and economic sustainability, etc. in the
    information technology field.The ICC was renamed as the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) in October 2017.


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