PCB Design Layout

PCB Design Layout

Proposing optimum component layouts and costs and
resolving customers’ problems and concerns from the
manufacturing viewpoint based on extensive experience

KYODEN leverages its PCB solutions to handle 5,000 design projects a year. We can handle all types of PCB ranging from
single-side to multilayer types and also flexible PCBs. Moreover, because our services are not biased towards any particular
sector, we respond to orders in a wide range of fields including automotive, medical and industrial machines.
Our team of one hundred designers realize AW design with fast lead time in consideration of mass production efficiency.
We can make proposals based on assessment data that is made available precisely because we are manufacturers.

  • PCB Design Layout

    Owned CAD

    Manufacturer Tool
    • ・CR-8000 Design Force
    • ・CR-5000 Board Designer
    • ・CR-5000 PWS
    • ・Allegro PCB Design
    • ・Xpedition xPCB Layout
    • ・PADS
    • ・Valor NPI
    • ・Altium Designer
    • 航空・宇宙・防衛


    • 社会インフラ・エネルギ

      Social Infrastructure /

    • 医療・ヘルスケア

      Medical /

    • 機械・ロボティクス

      Machines /

    • 計測・制御

      Measurement /

    • AV・放送機器

      AV /
      Broadcasting Device

    • 自動車・輸送機

      Autos /
      Transportation Machines

    • 自動・サービス機器

      Automatic /
      Service Devices

    • サーバ・PC・PC周辺

      Servers, PCs /
      Peripheral Devices

    • 有線・無線通信機器

      Wired / Wireless
      Communication Device

    • 防災・セキュリティー

      Disaster Prevention /

    • 家電

      Household Electrical

    We Also Handle Buildup Design


    As the pitch of devices becomes increasingly narrow, many customers are faced with wiring difficulties.
    In recent BGA/CSP, many of which have pitch of less than 0.4mm, wiring is difficult in through-type PCBs.

    Because KYODEN manufactures buildup boards, we have abundant experience in designing such PCBs.
    Buildup boards make it possible to achieve higher density mounting and more compact board size than IVH PCBs.

    • IVH基板
      IVH PCBs

      It is necessary to have layout with circuit blocks divided
      between rear and front, however, buildup PCBs make it
      possible to achieve more compact design by arranging the
      same block circuitry on the front and rear.

    • ビルドアップ基板
      HDI PCBs

      Because laser drilling forms via holes without
      penetrating the front and rear, vias can be terminated on the wiring layer.

    KYODEN can perform design that is suitable for high-speed signal transfer while avoiding stabs. As pitch becomes increasingly
    shorter in the latest devices, it is becoming more and more difficult to achieve this in general through-type PCBs.

    For example, taking the case of a BGA with 0.5mm pitch, on a buildup PCB,
    it is possible to form a pad-on via in the BGA land and draw a signal through this.

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  • Simulation

    • In development of electronic devices, one of the objectives of simulation is to
      “visualize things that are invisible to the eye”.
      Full-time engineers, who also have experience of PCB design,
      leverage various types of simulation to provide high-quality PCBs.

    • SI analysis

      Pre analysis

      Pre-design layer composition/topology examination Building of realistic guidelines
      Layout of main components / Arrangement and values of passive components / Wiring layers, wiring
      lengths and connection methods / Device drive strength / Slew rate / Setting of interior termination

      Post analysis

      Post-design guideline verification based on CAD data
      Timing verification / Via delay / X-transfer speed differential in inner and outer layers / Verification of
      AC and DC characteristics

    • PI analysis

      IR-Drop Analysis and Decoupling Analysis
      Power plane voltage drop prevention
      Optimization of bypass capacitor

    • Electromagnetic field analysis

      We leverage three-dimensional full-wave electromagnetic field analysis tools that use the finite
      element method to provide highly precise analytical solutions

    • EMI analysis

      Plane resonance analysis and EMI rule checking
      Resonance suppression between power source-GND
      Extract codified causes of EMI occurrence and take countermeasures

    • Owned EDA

      Manufacturer Tool
      • HyperLynx SI
      • HyperLynx PI
      • HFSS・ SI Option
      • SpaceClaim
      • FloTHERM PACK
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  • Noise Consulting

    In AI, 5G, IoT and other fields concerned with electronics,
    transferred signals are becoming faster and acquiring higher frequency.
    KYODEN offers assistance for resolving “noise” issues that cause concern to the engineers that
    work with such technologies.
    Have you ever experienced the following kinds of problems?

    • You are faced with
      high-speed signals/
      high-frequency fields
      that you have never
      experienced before
    • You cannot identify
      the source of noise.
    • You are faced with the need
      to take countermeasures
      from multiple angles.

    iNARTE EMC engineers offer noise consulting services.

    • Proposals can be made concerning circuit
      diagrams / artwork / components selection /
      mechanical design / housing, etc.
    • We can also provide consulting
      based on actual devices.


If you need PCB Design Layout,
leave it to KYODEN!

We respond to various needs and provide direct support from any stage.