Kyoden Co., Ltd

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Description of business

1 R&D

Product development represents the foundations for advanced technologies in industry. PCBs play a vital role. The Kyoden Group draws on the experience and expertise of many years to provide clients with comprehensive support in product design and development processes.

2 PCB production

The integrated capacity of the Kyoden Group is the key to meeting the diverse demands in the marketplace, including faster turnaround, smaller and lighter product designs with higher density, and mass production volumes.

3 Component mounting

The Kyoden Group offers a complete range of production services, from prototype small-lot production runs to full-scale mass production, as well as all forms of component procurement and mounting, including BGA mounting.

Product design

Kyoden offers optimized solutions for circuit operating stability and cost control from prototypes to final products. Our manufacturing solutions encompass the full range of electronic device PCBs and incorporate transmission line analysis for high-speed digital signal PCBs.

Prototype PCBs

The Kyoden Group boasts the latest manufacturing facilities and testing equipment configured to suit any and all development requests, from so-called 'large item, small volume' domestic production runs to offshore mass production. Our unique rapid-turnaround manufacturing lines help shorten manufacturing and development cycles. Design processes based on manufacturing requirements are part of the solutions we offer.

Component procurement

The combination of a powerful work ethic and extensive distribution networks cultivated over many years in the industry guarantees faster, cheaper, more reliable single-point sourcing of a full range of parts and components.

Prototype mounting

Lot size determines which mounting method―hand soldering or automated mounting―will produce the quickest mounted PCBs and best quality. As part of an overall commitment to environmentally-friendly product development starting with the prototype stage, the Kyoden Group has introduced lead-free mounting as a standard prerequisite in production processes. A feedback procedure identifies bugs and issues at the prototype stage to eliminate potential problems ahead of mass-production mounting.

Module PCBs

Product development at the Kyoden Group targets compact modular products, particularly in the wireless communication fields, in line with market trends toward smaller, lightweight, high-density components.

Product PCBs

The domestic production network is configured for the mass production of double-sided, multi-layer, and high multi-layer PCBs, supplying a consistent flow of high-quality products at low cost and rapid turnaround.

Overseas product PCBs

The Kyoden Group has established borderless production and distribution networks encompassing Asia and Europe, backed by a global procurement network that provides clients with comprehensive support.

Product mounting

Major product mounting formats at the Kyoden Group include lead-free and BGA/CSP mounting, sub-assembly, and OEM production, as well as advanced high-density and 3-D mounting using the very latest automated mounter lines.

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