Total In-House Production


We respond to our customers’ product development
issues by providing total in-house integrated production

Also, concerning customized components such as the boards, housing and mechanical parts that comprise products, we pursue
added value through in-house integrated processes from the development stage, thereby providing “total in-house one-stop solutions”
like no other company can.

  • KYODEN Group’s Diverse Solutions

  • Total In-house Integrated Processes
    from Development to Finishing

  • Merits of One-Stop Solutions

    • Unified Communication


      There is no need to spend a lot of time having meetings and
      coordinating between multiple operators as would be the case if,
      for example, Company A was responsible for PCBs, Company B was
      responsible for mounting, and Company C was in charge of final
      assembly. You can trust KYODEN to control all process centrally.
      All you need to do is communicate your needs to our sales
      representative. If you wish, we can also arrange for
      specialists in the fields of circuit design, housing design
      and PCB to attend meetings.

    • Clarification of Quality Assurance


      If there are multiple contractors, the whereabouts of manufacturing
      responsibility tends to become blurred.
      If you make a package consignment to KYODEN, you can be
      confident we will deliver finished products.
      Thanks to our extensive track record in manufacturing, we can
      make and deliver products with confidence.
      You can be confident regarding quality assurance too.

    • Total Cost Reduction


      Because we provide one-stop solutions, costs can be cut
      from the development stage.
      We support customers with a broad product lineup and
      urement capability based on central buying.

    • Total In-House Production


      Because we have all processes inside the company,
      we can realize faster delivery times based on collaboration
      between our experienced engineers.
      We can make high-quality proposals.


If you are looking for a one-stop solution,
look no further than KYODEN.

We respond to various needs and provide direct support from any stage.