From Development to Mass Production
of High-Multilayer PCBs and Buildup PCBs

We respond to all needs related to PCBs by providing total
in-house one-stop solutions from circuit development to
prototypes and finished manufactured products.


Leading manufacturer of PCBs for
semiconductor manufacturing systems, industrial devices,
infrastructure and medical devices

Complete in-house one-stop solutions based on an extensive track record, supply structure based on optimum domestic and
overseas locations, and industry-leading facilities. KYODEN responds in ultra-fast lead time for demands ranging from
the prototype manufacture of a single PCB to mass production of over a million units.

  • Established



    The company was established with the
    objectives of designing electronic devices
    and industrial robots and marketing general
    electrical appliances in July 1983.
    From the following year, we started the
    partial manufacture and inspection of PCBs.

  • Trading partners



    Since our founding, we have conducted
    transactions with approximately 5,670
    corporate clients.
    We support customers in all fields without
    bias towards any one area.

  • Consolidated sales

    66.7billion yen


    Electronics business: 52.4 billion yen
    (40.1 billion yen in Japan, 12.3 billion yen overseas)
    The industrial materials business accounts
    for 14.2 billion yen.

  • Securities code



    KYODEN listed its shares on the Second
    Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in
    March 1999. In addition to greatly improving
    the company’s credit, this helped realize
    a sound management structure.

  • Production area



    Total annual production area of PCBs:
    2,300,000 ㎡
    This is equivalent to roughly 48 Tokyo Domes.

  • Number of employees



    Numerous staff members work to provide
    the optimum structure for responding to
    customer needs with one-stop service.

The name KYODEN originated from the Japanese phrase “Electronic shop from today” because we originally launched as a
retailer of household electrical appliances. With several of the company’s employees working on making PCBs at the rear of the
shop, this company with a capital of 1,500,000 yen, sold electronic devices, industrial robots and general electrical products.
Starting from this departure point, the company has built its business around the pillar of “PCBs” and has grown into a
corporation that, today employs three business arms: a domestic electronics business, an overseas electronics business,
and an industrial materials business.

  • Domestic

    Our undertakings include: design through to manufacture of PCBs that are installed in all kinds of
    devices including familiar electronics devices such as smartphones, PCs, 4K/8K TVs, LED
    lighting, auto-related devices, medical devices, infrastructure and industrial devices;
    procurement and mounting of electronic components; design through to manufacture in the
    mechanical field; assembly of final products; support for acquisition of official certifications;
    and packaging and shipping.

  • Overseas

    We have our own manufacturing plant in Thailand and moreover, we cooperate with suppliers in
    China, South Korea and Thailand to supply PCBs and offer services around the world.

  • Industrial

    Showa KDE Co., Ltd., a member of the KYODEN Group, supplies industrial materials that are
    used as raw materials for urban building structures and various industrial fields.
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KYODEN’s PCBs Used in a Wide Range of Fields

KYODEN’s PCBs continue to generate value in a truly diverse range of fields. From familiar everyday life to big industry,
various work sectors and areas where state-of-the-art technology is required.

  • 28%

    Industrial devices

    Robots, AGV and display devices
    Semiconductor manufacturing systems
    and 3D coordinate measuring machines
    Stepping motor controllers
    Power source controllers and inverters

  • 25%

    Automotive devices

    Millimetric wave sensors
    Drive recorders
    Multi-information displays
    ADAS-related devices
    (automatic drive support systems)
    Car navigation systems
    ETC onboard units

  • 8%

    Office equipment and precision devices

    Copiers and multifunction machines
    POS systems
    Web conference systems

  • 7%

    Sensors and module devices

    Wireless modules and power source modules
    Camera modules
    Power devices and LED

  • 6%

    Amusement devices

    Home game consoles and casino devices
    Pachinko and pachinko-slot game units
    and interposed machines

  • 5%

    Communication and IoT-related devices

    IoT communication devices and 5G
    communication modules
    High-speed Wi-Fi communication devices
    and optical communication devices
    Mother boards, memories, and tablets

  • 4%

    Medical devices (CLASSⅠ-Ⅵ)

    Monitoring devices and physiological
    examination devices
    Artificial respirators, AED, MRI and CT
    examination systems

  • 3%


    Railway control systems and bus and train
    destination electric display boards
    Disaster prevention and security devices
    and smart meters

  • 3%

    Household electrical appliances
    (smart home appliances)

    4K/8K TVs and audio equipment
    Air conditioners, refrigerators,
    and healthcare equipment

  • 1%

    Broadcasting equipment

    HDR editors and switchers
    4K/8K video camera systems

  • 1%


    Private aviation-related devices
    Artificial satellite control systems

  • 9%


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KYODEN’s PCBs Used in a Wide Range of Fields

From familiar everyday life settings to fields that support industry and various work sectors,
and fields where state-of-the-art technologies are required. KYODEN’s PCBs continue to generate value in a truly diverse range of fields.



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