We can handle all processes including housing design,
pressing, sheet metal processing, resin molding, and cutting

In addition to singular components, we can make assemblies that combine molded parts with sheet metal parts, etc.
We resolve manufacturing challenges by leveraging diverse and abundant processing, assembly and inspection technologies and state-of-the-art equipment.
We respond to demands ranging from small lots to mass production items.

Diverse Housing Production is Possible

  • 筐体設計

    Housing Design

    We can implement 3D-CAD housing design and
    mechanism design. We can accept requests based
    on rough sketches. Our experienced engineers can
    transform your ideas into reality through hearings.

  • 切削


    We produce metal processed components, which
    need to have high reliability, with emphasis on
    precision, materials, cost and delivery.
    We can
    work with a wide range of materials including iron,
    aluminum, stainless steel, copper, etc.

  • 板金加工(複合ファイバーレーザー・プレスブレーキ)

    Sheet metal working
    (compound fiber lasers, press brakes)

    We conduct high-accuracy processing based on
    our extensive experience while considering the
    characteristics of each metal.
    We can work with
    precision sheet metal and thin sheet metal and
    implement housing processing, spot welding, thin
    sheet welding and finishing from small to large lots
    in fast delivery times.

  • プレス加工


    Starting from highly skilled die design, we propose
    smooth transition from prototype to mass production.
    Moreover, we undertake processes from surface
    treatment (plating, coating) to assembly in
    integrated production.

  • 射出成型

    Injection Molding

    From small to large lots, we respond to needs for
    fast delivery at low cost. We also manufacture
    aspherical optical components and can also cater
    to high-accuracy molding technologies and other
    optical systems.

  • メカニカルユニット

    Mechanical Units

    We conduct work up to the manufacture
    components and assembly of finished products
    (semi-finished products) that combine components
    derived from mechanical design and made by sheet
    metal processing (press, laser, press brake), resin
    molding and cutting.

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For housing, sheet metal and molding,
look no further than KYODEN.

We respond to various needs and provide direct support from any stage.