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We respond to our customers’ needs by leveraging advanced
technology in PCBs for 5G communication,
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Developing Technologies in Response to New Market Needs

In an effort to respond to the needs of new technology fields and new markets,
KYODEN conducts technology development with an eye on the future while promoting joint development
with materials and component suppliers.

An Industry First! Contributions to Measures for Heat Dissipation in Power
Semiconductor and High Heat-dissipating High-frequency Components

※Survey by KYODEN

Development of a high heat-dissipating, high-frequency PCB
based on the high-speed thick copper plating method

This PCB is structured with high-speed thick copper plating filled directly underneath heat-dissipating components,
allowing the copper, which has high heat conductivity, to directly connect and dissipate heat below the circuit board.
In conventional PCBs, copper inlays and copper coins (Figure 1) were embedded in the board for the purpose of
dissipating heat. However, issues were presented in terms of mass productibility, PCB reliability and compatibility
with thin boards.
In response to these challenges, we have developed high-speed thick copper plating technology and succeeded in
making high heat-dissipating, high-frequency PCBs (Figure 2).

Figure 1: Copper Inlay PCB

Figure 1: Copper Inlay PCB

Figure 2: New development product

Figure 2: New development product

Since this product uses thick copper plating, shape and size can be freely set, making it possible to assemble buildup
layers that were previously difficult to achieve with aluminum boards and copper-base boards (Figure 3).
Moreover, this technology can also be applied to PCBs for thin plate components of 0.4mm or less, which cannot be
handled with a copper inlay, thereby contributing to heat dissipation in high heat-radiating components. It has thus
become possible to respond to needs for high frequency and high heat-dissipation in power amp and power
semiconductor components used in 5G/6G base stations.

KYODEN’s Development Track Record

Figure 3: Heat-generating parts

Figure 3: Heat-generating parts

Figure 4: PCB cross-section

Figure 4: PCB cross-section

Also, in PCB reliability verification,
this technology clears
our in-house standard.

  • ・Hot oil test: 260℃/10 seconds→20℃/20 seconds,
     100 cycles
  • ・Cold impact test: -40℃ (30 minutes)
     ⇔125℃ (30 minutes), 500 cycles
  • ・Solder heat-resistance test:
     20 second floating in a solder bath of 260℃, 5 cycles

Moreover, the superior characteristics of the thick copper plating structure have been verified in heat dissipation
simulations and verification experiments assuming various PCB structures (Figure 3 and Figure 4).

Examination Model

Simulation Conditions

※Chip heat generation: 10W (5W setting under Condition 1 only)
※PCB (bottom face): Constant 25℃ cooling, PCB (top face): Natural cooling

Models of PCB Structures (Condition 4 shows a thick copper plating PCB)

Figure 5: Models of PCB Structures (Condition 4 shows a thick copper plating PCB)

Heat Dissipation Effect (transient analysis)

Based on the results of
simulation, we confirmed the heat
dissipation effect (effect on heat
dissipation speed)due to applying
thick copper plating vias to a PCB
directly under a chip.

Figure 6: Results of Simulation

Figure 6: Results of Simulation

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Advanced Technological Capabilities Responding
to Diverse Needs

By leveraging cutting-edge, advanced technological capabilities, we provide products that respond to the needs of our customers,
ranging from general through-hole-type PCBs to high-density wiring PCBs for use in smartphones, etc., high-frequency PCBs
for supporting advances in IoT and mobility, and heat-dissipating and flexible PCBs that can withstand harsh environments.

High-density Wiring PCBs

  • Buildup PCB

    high-density interconnect (“HDI”)



  • Any layer PCB

    HDI Any Layer PCBs

Microwave PCBs/High Heat-dissipating PCBs

  • High-frequency PCB

    Microwave PCBs

  • High heat-dissipating PCB

    High heat-dissipating PCB

Flexible PCB

  • Flexible PCB

    Flexible PCB

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